Jahan (Austria)

“I was looking for a solid back-up camera for my Leica M6 and stumbled across the beautiful F2 with DE-1 here. The team at Nippon Kogaku Club was very professional in helping me out with any questions I had and gave me great advice on the accessories I wanted to get for the camera. If you are looking for quality Nikon products, you are at the right place here.”


Stala (UK)

“From the first item I bought (an FM2) from Nippon Kogaku Club, I have found descriptions very honest and conservative and prices competitive, accompanied by excellent communication and customer service. NKC can also source any gear you’re after – they helped find a lens (55mm Micro) for me and it was in great condition. Buying from them has always been stress free and a pleasure – I wholeheartedly recommend the quality of their gear and I’m sure I’ll be browsing their website, no doubt buying again!”


Andrea (Italy)

“I bought a 28mm f/2.8 AI from Nippon Kogaku Club. The lens came in splendid, mint condition and the vendor was available for any question and answered fast and ready. I’m looking forward to buy more lenses (and who knows, maybe some camera too) in the future!”


Hunter (New Zealand)

“Awesome website, very easy to navigate and clean. Super good service and nice products! Got mine fast and sent in packaging, 5 stars.”


Geoffrey (the Netherlands)

“NKC is a great place to look for vintage Nikon gear in good condition. Honest descriptions about product condition and quick responses if you have any service related questions. My perception is that NKC focuses on quality rather than on quantity, and that is what I appreciate as a customer.”


David (UK)

“I recently ordered a 28mm F2.8 AI Nikkor lens from Nippon Kogaku Club as it looked to be in superb condition from the description and photographs. When it arrived I was not disappointed. The only indication this lens was not brand new was the lack of a maker’s box – I have rarely seen pre-owned equipment, regardless of age, in such fantastic condition. I looked carefully but failed to find any signs of previous use, hard to believe this item was at least 40 years old! Even the rubber on the focus ring, which usually shows some signs of handling looked new. Silky-smooth focus, clean optics and a very good price – it even came with a complimentary protector filter and a thank you note. I am going to keep a very close watch on their website in future for any other gems that catch my eye. A really enjoyable experience!”


Niels (The Netherlands)

“The Nikon FM I bought from Nippon Kogaku Club came in fantastic condition, with a lovely note and some lens/body caps as a free bonus! I will definitely consider buying something here again in the future.”