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Nikon FA #5345304


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Wonderful, underrated SLR from Nikon that was the first to feature Automatic Multi-Pattern (matrix) metering. This Nikon FA comes in very clean condition with virtually no signs of previous use, and handles and functions beautifully. A new mirror dampener and film door light seal have been installed. Having seen probably only a few rolls of film in its lifetime, this lovely piece of engineering is patiently waiting for its new owner.

Type: SLR (single lens reflex)
Shutter: Electronically controlled, focal-plane
Light meter: Matrix (AMP) or center-weighted, LCD readout
Shutter speeds: 1 sec – 1/4000 sec
Operation: Manual, Aperture priority, High Speed Program, Program, Shutter priority
Notable features: Titanium shutter, Automatic Multi-Pattern (AMP) metering


∙ Nikon FA body
∙ Body cap

Finish: Black
Serial number:
Manufactured: 1983 – 1987
Made in: Japan
Condition: 9/10

This camera has been checked and tested, which means:

∙ Mechanical operation (shutter speeds, film advance, film rewind) is correct
∙ Shutter and shutter curtain are without flaws
∙ Viewfinder is free of excessive dust or marks
∙ Light meter works correctly, LCD readout is perfect
∙ Light seals and mirror bumpers are intact
∙ Battery compartment is free of any corrosion
∙ It has been carefully cleaned externally