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Nikon F2AS (boxed) #7914663


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A unique collector’s item. This Nikon F2AS is unused and comes with its box and paperwork included. The camera comes in mint condition with no signs of use. A highly sought-after collectible item which value will only increase over the years.

Nikon’s F2AS was the final and most advanced iteration of their famous F2. The DP-12 AS finder supports AI (automatic indexing) lenses and features Nikon’s famous textured finish which is still used today. Its light meter uses silicon photodiodes and LED indicators, instead of the older CdS cells and galvanometer needles. The F2AS is regarded by many as the greatest mechanical 35mm SLR ever made.

Type: SLR (single lens reflex)
Shutter: Mechanically controlled
Shutter speeds: 10 sec – 1/2000 sec
Light meter: Center-weighted, LED indicators
Operation: Manual
Notable features: Titanium shutter, AS finder, variable manual shutter speeds


∙ Nikon F2 body
∙ DP-12 (AS) finder
∙ Body cap
∙ Bottom plate cover
∙ Box
∙ Paperwork

Colour: Black
Serial number: #7914663
Introduced: 1977
Made in: Japan
Condition: 10/10

This camera has been checked and tested, which means:

∙ Mechanical operation (shutter speeds, film advance, film rewind) is correct
∙ Internal light meter is working and accurate
∙ Shutter and shutter curtain are without flaws
∙ Viewfinder is free of excessive dust or marks
∙ Light seals and mirror bumpers are intact
∙ Battery compartment is free of any corrosion
∙ It has been carefully cleaned externally