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Nikon F100 + MF-29 #2051737 (boxed)


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Wonderful modern Nikon SLR in superb condition. The F100 has a reputation for being a solid performer with tons of options and flexibility, such as autofocus, matrix metering, and 4.5 frames p/s continuous shooting. This particular one comes in its original box with barely any signs of previous use. It it outfitted with the MF-29 data back, which also comes in its original box. Altogether a beautiful set, ready for many more years of photographic action.

Type: SLR (single lens reflex)
Shutter: Electronically controlled
Shutter speeds: 30 sec – 1/8000 sec
Light meter: TTL full aperture exposure metering system (3 metering modes selectable)
Operation: Manual (M), Automatic (P), Shutter-Priority (S), and Aperture-Priority (A) modes
Power: 4 AA batteries (using the included MS-12 holder)
Notable features: Advanced 10-segment 3D Matrix Meter, TTL phase detection autofocus, 4.5 fps continuous shooting


∙ Nikon F100 body
∙ Nikon MF-29 data back
∙ Body cap
∙ Box
∙ Paperwork
∙ 30-day warranty

Finish: Black
Serial number: #2051737
Manufactured: 1999-2006
Made in: Japan
Condition: 9/10

This camera has been checked and tested, which means:

∙ All electrical functions (internal and external LCDs, indicator lights, etc.) are working properly
∙ Mechanical operation (shutter speeds, film advance and rewind) is correct
∙ Internal light meter is working and accurate
∙ Shutter and shutter curtain are without flaws
∙ Viewfinder is free of excessive dust or marks
∙ Light seals and mirror bumpers are intact
∙ Battery compartment is free of any corrosion
∙ It has been carefully cleaned externally